WhatsApp is working on blocking screenshots for View Once messages

The WhatsApp team is working on new ways to increase privacy and reduce embarrassment. Three new features will soon be available to users to help achieve these goals.

The first is a feature that allows you to silently leave a group chat. This means you can leave the group chat without awkward goodbyes. Please note that while users in the group will not be notified, group administrators will receive the notification.

Next is something that was it cooks for a while – the ability to control who can see when you’re online. You can set it to everyone, just your contacts, your contacts with exceptions, and no one. This and the ability to silently leave groups will be available to all users later this month.

Finally, a very important update to the recent View Once feature. This feature allows users to send a photo or video that disappears after the recipient opens it. However, there was a critical error – the other user could only take the picture. Work on blocking screenshots for View Once messages is almost complete, but WhatsApp hasn’t said when it will roll out to users.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been following all the new privacy features. WhatsApp is launching an education campaign to teach people what options they have and how to keep their correspondence private.

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