The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to keep the old 10MP 10x periscope module

A month ago, it was rumored that the Galaxy S23 and S23+ will have the same telephoto lenses as their predecessors (10MP 3x), which will also be the case for the upcoming Ultra model, according to Galaxy Club.

An unconfirmed report claims that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a periscope with 10x magnification and 10MP resolution. These are the same basic specs as the S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra (the S20 Ultra had a 48MP 4x periscope camera).

There is still room for improvement in image quality, but Samsung could bring, for example, better optics or a lager sensor, certainly better image processing.

Current Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera settings

There is also the matter of the second telephoto lens. Right now, it’s unclear if it will be the same as before (Samsung used a 10MP 3x module in the last two generations) or if it will see some improvement.

The main camera upgrade on the new Ultra is likely to be the main camera – speculated to move from the current model’s 108MP HM3 sensor (1/1.33″, 0.8µm pixels) to a 200MP sensor (probably HP11/22″, 0.64um). Of course, the S23 series is half a year away, so details like that are hazy right now.

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