Some T-Mobile users have an eSIM error on iPhones

Yesterday afternoon, BloombergMark Gurman tweeted about the problems that some T-Mobile customers are facing with iPhone phones. Specifically, some eSIM-activated lines were abruptly deactivated from iMessage and FaceTime without the ability to reactivate the line with Apple’s basic communications services.

There are several ways to resolve this issue, one of which is to remove eSIM and re-register the account on iPhone. Another is to go to a T-Mobile store and have a physical SIM card activated and installed to reactivate iMessage and FaceTime.

Since then, T-Mobile has confirmed to Gourmet that the operator is working closely with Apple to resolve the issue. Gurman also explained that this bug is not new and has been confirmed to have affected iOS customers with iOS versions 15.4, 15.5 and the current version 15.6.

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