Slack now supports TechCrunch profile pronunciation guides

Not everyone agrees with the idea long distance work. But for those who do, the new Slack profile features released today should make some of the day-to-day tasks, such as downloading, a little easier.

Slack now supports profile pronunciation guides, allowing users to add name pronunciations in the form of voice spellings or audio recordings. They will start appearing today for some users under the Display Name և pronunciation sections for Slack customers, and the full release will begin in the coming weeks.

The pronunciation of the names is based on the other Slack inclusion efforts, including: field of pronouns in profiles.

During the corresponding development, Hover Cards, in fact, pop-ups, appeared in Slack. Hovering over a person’s name will show a condensed version of his or her profile Hover Card, such as huddle (or audio chat) links to start a call or live message.


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Finally, Slack profiles now include three new fields: Contact Information, People և About Me. Contact details show email և phone details, while People lists the teams the person works with և their place in the organization’s hierarchy. About Me is more dynamic in nature, but can contain things like launch date, spoken languages, even pets, birthdays, depending on what the user chooses to share.

Other updates to Slack include Atlas, Slack’s premium add-on for its Business + և Enterprise Grid applications. A new type of data, called Smart Tags, allows administrators to create custom fields that can be turned into searchable, filtering tags such as “expertise”, “focus area” or “languages”. Flexible Text, an upgrade, allows profile fields to support up to 5,000 rich text characters, including paragraph breaks, links, line breaks, code blocks, emojis, and more.


Image credits. Negligence

“By helping people understand who their partners are as human beings, our redesigned profiles make it easier for teammates to collaborate, feel connected, and work together best,” says Maxwell Hayman, Slack Product Manager. announcement:.

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