Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 teardown video reveals its innards

After his now-classic “durability test” made a few days ago on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4today YouTuber Zack z JerryRig Everything channel is back with the traditional teardown sequel. Everything is captured on video for your viewing pleasure and embedded below.

If you like seeing the insides of phones more than what they look like from the outside, this type of video is definitely for you. Being a foldable device, the Fold4 is even more interesting than the usual plate-type handset, and Samsung also claimed to have redesigned the hinge. Is it true? See for yourself in the video.

The flexible inner screen of the Galaxy Z Fold4 is made of several different layers, all of which are exposed during tearing at the expense of the display never working again – because folding in one direction might be fine, but it definitely doesn’t like being folded in another way. There is also a new metal plate under the display assembly and a new cutout for the camera under the display.

The outer glass of the screen is embedded in the metal frame, which makes it very difficult to remove it without destroying it, and after unscrewing dozens of screws, after removing the screens, all internal components can be accessed. The batteries are held in place with a lot of glue and there are no tabs, making removing and replacing the battery much more difficult than it needs to be.

If you want to know more about the outside of the Fold4 and how it works, don’t miss out our in-depth review.

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