Results of the weekly survey: Realme GT Neo 3T is trying to attract fans

Last week’s poll shows that Realme GT Neo 3T is not viable at its normal price of € 430 (and a temporary discount of € 30 is not enough). What went wrong?

Well, you can have the same hardware for less money and you don’t even have to spend a lot of time searching – Realm’s own GT Neo2 is basically the same phone, except for the charging (65W vs. 80W) and camera (actually the Neo2 has a slightly larger sensor). And it can be yours for 330 EUR, 100 EUR less than 3T.

3T simply seemed outdated to some commentators. The Snapdragon 870 is a soft, efficient chipset, but it’s quite old and doesn’t look good in the € 400 price segment. Even a 1 / 2.0 ”64MP sensor is hard to get excited about.

This result should not be too surprising, GT Neo2 itself he looked with doubts when he ran, but found a decent number of supporters. The release of almost the same hardware six months later was never popular.

In any case, cheaper phones may not be the biggest concern of the GT Neo 3T – instead, it was compared to similar and even more expensive phones and was found to be insufficient. In fact, more people would rather spend € 600 on a Realme GT Neo 3 (non-T) than get a 3T.

Of course, the GT Neo2 and GT Neo 3 are only internal alternatives – competing companies have many excellent alternatives in this price segment.

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