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Platform 9:, which considers itself an “open cloud company”, announced today that it has closed the $ 26 million financing phase led by Celesta Capital with the participation of Cota Capital, NGP Capital and other investors. CEO Bhaskar Gorti said the new cash would be used to boost Platform 9’s marketing strategy, product research and development, especially as the company seeks to deploy larger enterprises.

Platform9 was founded by Sirish Raguram, Madhura Mascascu, Beach Lee’s Rupac Parih, who worked together to create several virtualization products in the early years. Their hypothesis was that open source ecosystems would grow by offering a wider range of cloud, but businesses needed a simpler way to operate them. a recently The McKinsey report shows that less than 25% of cloud initiatives have enough time to reach market-cost targets.

Platform 9 supposedly provides this by allowing developers to run Kubernetes, an open source platform that manages its own workload, and other cloud technologies distributed across cloud services. It works with existing infrastructure to create native cloud clusters that come with monitoring features and integrate with third-party tools. Here, “cluster” refers to a set of working machines called nodes that run applications in “containers” with the dependencies and services needed to run them.

Platform 9:

Platform9 offers a number of tools to help you manage clusters in the cloud, whether in the public cloud or indoors.

Using Platform9, a programmer can remotely install, run, and maintain clusters through software as a service management platform. Features include automated security patches, on-demand updates, “self-healing” clusters, as well as a variety of support and audit logging.

According to Gorti, Platform9’s service provides 40,000 nodes through private, public and peripheral clouds.

To create a more open cloud experience, Platform9 co-founders explored new open source infrastructure, including Apache CloudStack, OpenStack, LXD:“Kubernethes,” Gorty continued. «Թ:“They were inspired by the mobility gained by developers using public clouds, but they wanted to challenge the assumption that this could only be achieved by restricting enterprises to a fenced garden.”

While Gorty declined to discuss revenue, he said Platform 9, which currently has $ 100 million in funding, now has more than 60 corporate clients and և 120 employees. Business grew by 100% from 2021 to 2022, while net income retention, which calculates the diversion of total income minus income (e.g., contract expiration, cancellation, downgrade), increased by 132%.

In addition to funding, Mountain View-based Platform 9 announced two appointments to the executive team: Emilia A’Bell and Ravi Jacob. A’Bell comes as sales director at Oracle և Nokia, while Jacob previously served as Intel CVP.

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