Our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 video review is now available

Samsung’s latest big foldable device is Galaxy Z Fold4and that’s all went on sale last Friday. It’s the hot new item if you want a phone that folds into a mini tablet and you don’t live in China where you have a lot more options. Elsewhere, at least for now, it’s pretty much Samsung or bust, so how good is this phone?

This is what we explored in depth our extensive written review Galaxy Z Fold4, which you should not miss if you are interested in this device. However, if you just want to hear the key points, then our newly released video review is for you.

In less than eleven minutes, we’ll go over everything that’s important, notable and relevant about this phone, and how it compares to the spec sheet in real life – which probably makes it feel like a minor evolution of last year’s model rather than something wildly different. But sometimes appearances can be deceiving – and so can specifications.

So join our very own Will as he explores the Galaxy Z Fold4’s best features, build quality, screens, performance, battery life and of course camera image quality. Having admittedly minor sounding improvements all round managed to make it a much better version Galaxy Z Fold3 from 2021? Watch the video to find out.

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