Oracle is reportedly auditing TikTok’s user data management and content moderation

TikTok has often come under scrutiny from US lawmakers and users alike, with concerns that user data is being transmitted and made available by servers in China. With TikTok popularity explodes user data and platform privacy have been debated at length in the past few years.

In a new message Axios has learned that Oracle is conducting an audit of TikTok’s operations. Specifically, Oracle is investigating TikTok’s feed algorithm and content moderation models “to ensure they are not manipulated by Chinese authorities.”

During the Trump administration, TikTok faced a ban if it failed to do so sold its US assets to US companies Walmart and Oracle. After judge blocks TikTok banthe ban lapsed and TikTok still partnered with Oracle to operate within its cloud infrastructure.

Since June, TikTok has been routing US user data through Oracle – but only after a BuzzFeed report revealed that Chinese engineers at ByteDance accessed the private data of US TikTok users.

The popularity of TikTok has shifted the landscape among popular social apps. This also prompted both YouTube and Instagram to adopt their own versions of TikTok videos (Shorts and Discsrespectively).


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