Oppo is celebrating its 18th anniversary with the launch of the Oppo Global Community

Chinese tech brand Oppo turned 18 yesterday and to celebrate the occasion, the company launched the Oppo Global Community.

Oppo Global Community (community.oppo.com) will act as an inclusive and open ecosystem for all Oppo users, making it easier for them to engage, interact and share information with Oppo and each other.

The community will also act as a hub for various programs launched by Oppo, including the Oppo Product Ambassador Program, O-Chat open forum and Oppo Lifesetter.

The Oppo Product Ambassador program gives users the opportunity to experience the latest Oppo products and innovations before others, while the O-Chat forum allows users from around the world to talk about Oppo products and technologies. Oppo Lifesetter, on the other hand, encourages users to share their life stories to help and inspire others.

Oppo is celebrating its 18th anniversary with the launch of the Oppo Global Community

Through the global Oppo community, Oppo also intends to provide users and tech enthusiasts with a more intuitive and convenient way to access information and updates about Oppo and its activities, while providing them with a channel to communicate with Oppo experts to share their experiences and insights on by Oppo. products and services.

In addition, the Global Oppo Community will provide an effective channel for Oppo users around the world to communicate directly with each other and talk about their experiences with Oppo services and products.

In addition to the launch of the Oppo Global Community, Oppo revealed that it currently operates more than 2,500 service points worldwide and will offer its users exclusive benefits from the 10th to the 12th of every month at more than 900 service centers in 24 countries. part of Oppo Service Day. These benefits include discounts on repairs and free disinfection services.

For its 18th anniversary, Oppo has also released a series of documentaries that tell the stories of its employees along with the growth of Oppo from their own perspective. You can watch the documents here.

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