OnePlus Nord 2 now receives a stable update on Android 12

We’re used to newer smartphones getting big Android updates ahead of their predecessors, but OnePlus went with the Nord range in a completely different way. The original North got an update on Android 12 about a few weeks ago, while his successor, the North 2it’s only starting to accept it now, after going through several open beta versions.

The the first of them was released about a month ago, so it’s no surprise that the stable release lasted several weeks after. Anyway, it’s now available for download as 4.89 GB, more than half a year after Google originally released it, but better late than never, right?

Deployment has begun in India and is proceeding as always, which means that only a small subset of devices will receive update notifications in the next few days. At some point later, if no major bugs are found, a wider distribution will begin. The new build number for Indian Nord 2 units is DN2101_11.C.04 and you will also receive security patches from May 2022.

If you think you’ve been waiting enough and you know what a side load of an OTA package means, you can go to the source below and download the full OTA zip. Otherwise, it is best to wait for the announcement. Interestingly and perhaps worryingly, this lineup seems to be exactly the same as the second open beta. Whether or not this is a bug remains to be seen, as OnePlus has still not officially released a stable update on its forums – reports of this release come from Nord 2 owners who received it.


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