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TechCrunch readers, you had a great time when we asked you to vote for the roundtable topics you wanted to hear. TechCrunch disruption October 18-20 in San Francisco. We’re rounding up our Audience Choice winners in groups of five, and while this is the last wave, it’s by no means the least.

Roundtables, some of TechCrunch Disrupt’s most popular sessions, are 30-minute expert-led discussions for up to 20 participants interested in a specific topic. The format allows for more in-depth conversation, questions and answers, and time for attendees to connect and explore collaboration opportunities.

Have you unlocked the previous 20 Audience Choice Speakers and Topics? Be sure to check it out! first, second, third and: fourth groups. And before we reveal the final five, here’s a timely reminder.

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These five roundtables cover a variety of hot topics. From adapting to the needs of Gen Z consumers, turning customers into advocates, and building consumer buzz, to hiring an A-team without a big budget and applying behavioral science to product design and scale, you’ll leave informed and inspired.

Gen Z: Adapting to the next generation of consumers

Speaker: Emir TaluCo-founder and partner of Pentas Ventures

The goal of this roundtable discussion is to provide useful insights into Gen Z consumer trends to help startups better understand how they can position themselves to prioritize the needs of the next generation.

As a Gen Z consumer technology investor, Emir Talu will discuss how Gen Z consumers are responding to emerging industries and how they are challenging established ones to reinvent themselves.

Attendees will be able to share their own views on consumer trends and engage in a discussion about which companies they think are doing a good job adapting to the needs of Gen Z vs. those that are not.

Changing consumer behavior and turning customers into advocates

Speaker: Sophia Laurel, Co-founder and CEO of Tiny Organics

We’re in the third wave of the pandemic, and products that have achieved product-market fit (or product-market love) are aggressively seeking to profitably scale acquisitions. The best brands out there have developed an emotional connection through a clear brand identity and clear value, but what are some underappreciated growth opportunities?

This roundtable discussion will discuss the areas that haven’t changed in nearly seven decades and why loyalty programs can improve the status quo. You’ll learn about tried-and-true growth strategies for exponential growth, how you can leverage first-party data and differentiated acquisition channels, and why niche products can help diversify and dilute a brand. We’ll discuss when the time is right to move on to other product offerings that can also drive customer acquisition and growth.

HypeFeast. How hype drives the economy and the unique opportunity startups should take advantage of

Speaker: Alain SylvainFounder and CEO of Sylvain

We can’t avoid noise. When we look back at the past 30+ years, like the Beanie Baby craze, the anticipation around Y2K, and our fixation with crypto and NFTs, it’s clear that we’re hooked.

And startups are particularly notorious for exploiting our penchant for advertising, using techniques like manufactured scarcity to drive desire for a product. But have companies inflated advertising to be bigger than the products themselves? At what cost? Is there a better way to harness the power of the hip?

During this roundtable, Alain Sylvain will argue that consumers are the ones creating the buzz; brands and their founders are just planting seeds. He will discuss the framework for building consumer hype in effective and sustainable ways. And through open discussion, founders will be encouraged to share their experiences with hip highs and lows to learn from each other.

Hacking for hire. How to build an A-team without a big corporate budget

Speaker: Anna BuldakovaCEO of Vektor AI

Your company’s success depends on your ability to hire and retain talent. However, hiring has become an extremely complex and expensive process. How can a startup founder build an A-team without the budget of a large corporation?

We’ll discuss the latest trends, research findings, and lessons from founders to help you answer that question. In this roundtable you will learn

  • How to create a job description that stands out from thousands of others.
  • How to hire people from the best companies.
  • How to balance different seniority levels.
  • What Startup Founders Need to Know About Hiring Gen Z
  • What psychological principles should be kept in mind to build an A-team?

Design and scale using behavioral science

Speaker: Sweet RiceFounder and CEO of Next Step

We’re building technology for the future, but we’ve forgotten that our users still rely on brains that haven’t changed in 40,000 years. In this roundtable, we’ll discuss how harnessing the power of behavioral science and tapping into the ancient decision makers inside all of us can help you design and scale successful products.

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