iPhone adoption of iOS 16 is slightly faster than iOS 15 in the first 72 hours

According to research conducted by the company MixpaneliPhone users downloaded iOS 16 faster in the first three days of its release compared to iOS 15 last year.

After the first 24 hours of its release, iOS 16 was adopted by 6.71% of iPhone users, compared to 6.48% of users who downloaded iOS 15 on the first day it was available. Meanwhile, iOS 14 saw more adoption on the first day, at 9.22% on the first day.

After three days, iOS 16 saw 10.45% adoption, iOS 15 9.68%, and iOS 14 14.68% user adoption over the same period following their original debuts.

iOS 16 brings new features to iPhone users including a new customizable lock screen, new iMessage and SharePlay features. Facetime calls can now be forwarded between Apple devices. iOS 16.1 beta is now open to developer testers.


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