Instagram is denying a viral post that claimed the app was sharing your location with followers

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri and Instagram’s social media team refute claims that the Instagram app tracks location data and shares it with followers who are looking for your exact location.

AND the post went viral claimed that a “recent iOS update” allowed “people to now find your exact location from Instagram”. This has prompted many people to go into their phone’s Instagram app settings and disable location permissions for the app.

Instagram’s Twitter Comms posted a viral post clarifying what Instagram’s location data policies are.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri explains that Instagram’s device location powers location tagging features, but the app doesn’t detect a user’s location with other people.

A viral Instagram post isn’t always the best place to find reliable information – verification of information is in order. The original post never mentioned whether Instagram was doing such a location feature, instead referring to a “recent iOS update” without any basis.

If you are concerned about the app using your location, you should disable it in the app’s settings on your device. Both iOS and Android also offer options for sharing approximate location (instead of exact location), and both can record history logs of apps accessing location data.

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