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Days after HBOHouse of the dragon” became the most watched premiere Game of Thrones is a prequel to HBO’s new original series updated for the second season. Now that the rumors have been confirmed, fans can rest easy knowing that A Dance with Dragons is just beginning to unfold.

The company also announced today that the audience has doubled to more than 20 million viewers in the U.S. across linear, on-demand and HBO Max, according to Nielsen data combined with HBO’s own data. When the first episode premiered on Sunday, August 21, the show had 10 million viewers. HBO and HBO Max have only aired one episode so far.

Based on a huge audience as well as many positive reviews and an audience rating of 86% Rotten tomatoesNo wonder season 2 is now guaranteed.

I want to get revenue and subscribers for Warner Bros. Prior to the merger of Discovery-owned streaming services HBO Max and Discovery+, it looks like the company is working on Dragon House to succeed. Company: reports 91.2 million HBO, HBO Max and Discovery+ subscribers in the second quarter, with a loss of 300,000 domestic subscribers. Warner Bros. Discovery had a net loss of $3.4 million.

Although the HBO Max app crashed on Sunday, the data shows that app downloads went from 47,300 on August 15th to 131,000 on the day of the premiere. On August 21, HBO Max secured the #1 spot for streaming app downloads, beating out rivals Netflix, Hulu and Disney+.

We previously reported according to Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence Data Digest report, HBO Max had a 21% share of the US download market in the first quarter of 2022.

HBO acknowledges Game of Thrones’ impressively large fan base. The company has done a lot to promote the show. Warner Bros. In an email to staff, Discovery CEO David Zaslav called it “the biggest marketing campaign in HBO’s history,” reported: The Hollywood Reporter. Zaslav noted that the campaign reached about 130 million people in the United States.

While promoting Dragon House, HBO released a companion AR app DracARys: which allows fans to raise their own virtual dragon, an official podcast which provides interpretation and collaboration Snapchat: which grants users a fire-breathing dragon Lens. It also earned a premium ad spot on Roku devices. right in the Roku’s main navigationAt the bottom of the Main menu.

“Dragon House” took years to make, and each episode cost roughly less than $20 million, sources said. Variety. In total, Season 1 consists of 10 episodes.

It is a rumor that HBO is preparing six more spin-offs, a move that Disney+ continues to do his thing Star Wars privilege. Netflix is ​​using a similar strategy, creating an IP universe “The Gray Man“, and giving “Stranger Things“A spin-off series. “Lord of the Rings” film privilege goes to a prequel series Amazon Prime Video premieres on September 2.

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