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General Motors launched a program Monday to educate car buyers about electric vehicles and target first-time buyers, as the automaker looks for ways to catch up and overtake rival Tesla.

Automakers are hoping EV Live:a digital platform that connects buyers with EV experts will accelerate EV adoption and create a larger market for its new battery electric models, including: the just launched Chevrolet Blazer SS. Available seven days a week, EV Live provides real-time answers to EV-related questions, such as how to use the public charging network or set up a home charging station.

Addressing “common misconceptions about electric vehicles will accelerate the widespread adoption of EVs,” said Hoss Hassani, GM VP of EV Ecosystem.

Users can learn more about EV technology, sustainability and mobile applications through one-on-one live video tours where an expert can hear but not see the user. GM said it plans to add group tours and pre-recorded sessions later this year.

Sales of new electric vehicles in the U.S. rose 13% to 196,788 units in the April-June 2022 period compared to the first three months of the year, according to Cox Automotive. Nevertheless, Lack of education about battery electric cars, trucks and SUVs remains a barrier to adoptionAccording to a Consumer Reports survey released this month. American drivers surveyed said they were confused about how EVs work, how to charge their batteries and unlock tax credits.

“EV Live allows us to meet people where they are and have a real conversation about electrification,” Hassani said. “We sell the EV experience, not specific EVs.”

EV Live is one of several initiatives the automaker announced this summer to complement its $750 million investment in charging infrastructure. In July, GM said it plans to partner with Pilot Flying J to establish a national DC fast charging network for EVs.

The car manufacturer announced this in June will revamp its battery-electric models with “Connect and charge” feature help standardize public charging. Charging logistics are the top barrier to buying or leasing an EV, with 61% of drivers surveyed expressing concern, according to Consumer Reports..

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