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Startup zone corporate cash flow trend will take some time to unwind

World Enterprise has not reached the capital market its peak in 2021 in one year. It will take some time to get rid of last year’s redundancies.

This fact becomes clear in the data of the new corporate venture capital (CVC), which was collected by the business intelligence concern CB Insights. By company: The latest report on the topicCVC activity was strong in the first quarter, but with some weaknesses that we suspect developed during the last month of the first quarter.

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Given: the latest trends we have noticed in: a larger market for venture capital, expecting CVC to change course նի return records seems unbelievable. more declines seem to be a reasonable expectation.

Subscribe to TechCrunch +The CVC is retreating, as venture capital is generally slowing down, which is not a surprise. The CVC figures were a component of the venture rise, as they were combined on the rise, their decline at the same time is unlikely to be confusing.

The slight modest declines in CVC, which we will be looking at soon, may be due to reasons other than simply the influx of investment available to startups. Remember that TechCrunch has studied the concept Historically high levels of CVC investment, which could turn into a significant amount of start-up M&A this year. The fact that corporate venture capital did not decline rapidly in the first quarter of 2022 adds weight to the concept, as there are now even more potential investment transactions that can be converted into acquisition rents as the year progresses.

Let’s take a look at the changing pace of CVC activity, then limit our focus to geographical trends to see where things get hotter and colder. (Tip: Europe և China’s out in the opposite direction.)

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