Biden administrator policy change could make solar-wind projects profitable – TechCrunch

There is an idea It floats on the air (or at least on my air) that there is enough barley in Nyada to provide the whole United States with solar energy.

Some very rough math shows that this is possible, which requires a little over 11% of Nyada’s federal land. None of them include storage batteries or mass transfer wires needed to export them all, both of which will significantly expand the footprint; such a centralized installation would not be as flexible or environmentally friendly.

The thing is, there is room to save. The federal government has a lot of land in other windy, windy places, not just in Nyada.

So why not have more wind on public lands?

The Biden administration hopes to remove at least one roadblock. This week the Ministry of Interior announced 50% reduction in rent և capacity fees (a fee estimated based on the amount of energy produced) to encourage more solar wind development in the federal land. (Geothermal energy does not like this policy change for some reason.) Utility-scale wind farms can generate millions of dollars in rental fees annually, so the incentive can be significant.

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