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I would like to see more companies like Artiphon in the world. Start-up hardware companies with smart ideas and the ability to bring them to market. Still in November 2020, I had a good time with the company’s hand synthesis / sampler / tool. It did not turn me into Wendy Carlos, but it helped me get through a few dark hours by activating music-making neurons.

The power of the device lies in its unusually low barrier to entry. No lessons or musical skills required – just one or two free hands – the desire to make noodles with your voice. Today the device gets a sequel in the form of the corresponding name Orba 2. The product has the look of its predecessor, with a round base and eight touch-sensitive pads arranged in triangles, like pizza slices.

Image credits. Artifon

The device basically works the same as the Orba 1, but has an updated audio engine with new built-in audio samples. They are enhanced by built-in sensors that allow you to change the volume by talking, shaking, or rotating the device. There are a total of nine gestures. Users can sample, connect directly to the device or through the Orba app enabled.

“We want people to express themselves musically in their daily lives,” said CEO Mike Butera. “We dreamed of letting anyone play any sound they could imagine, wherever they went, without worrying about historical instrument skills or abstract music theory. Orba 2 finally makes it possible. ”

In general, the sampler can record up to five minutes / 128 bar on the device, combined with a new feature that helps you play faster. It is obvious that the end game makes the system as humanly false as possible. For more advanced users, it doubles as a MIDI controller (for USB-C or Bluetooth) applications, including GarageBand, Ableton Live, Logic Pro and Pro Tools.

Artiphon’s Orba hand synthesizer. Image credits. Artiphon /

The Orba 2 costs $ 150, especially $ 50 in premium compared to its very affordable predecessor. Artiphon has also added a number of new features since the release of the first Orba, including the ability to use the device as a video editor.

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