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What to expect from Apple’s iPhone event?Apple events tend to suck the air out of the room in the days leading up to them because… well, no one wants to announce something big new only to have it immediately overshadowed by the iPhone 37. most read This week’s post was essentially Brian’s recap of what we might/probably/definitely will see at Apple’s event on September 7th.

Rogan interviews ZuckIf you’re on the internet in 2022, you probably know who Joe Rogan and Mark Zuckerberg are. Does a three-hour conversation between them sound like you? If so, check out Zuck’s appearance at the Joe Rogan Experience. If not, but you still want the highlights, check out Devin’s instant recap of Zook’s thoughts on art, the evolution of social media, and why waking up every day feels like getting “punched in the gut.”

WhatsApp gets built-in grocery ordering in IndiaHalf a billion people use WhatsApp every month in India, and those people can now use the platform to order groceries, thanks to a new venture between Meta, Jio Platforms and India’s largest retailer, Reliance Retail.

Twitter stops trying to monetize pornTwitter reportedly wanted to create a competitor to OnlyFans on its platform, but has hit the brakes for now. “Twitter apparently halted this project,” writes Amanda, “after an 84-employee ‘red team’ designed to test the product for security flaws found that Twitter could not detect child sexual abuse. violence materials (CSAM) and exposure to dissent. scale.”

Royal Caribbean + SpaceXJust a few days after the announcement partnership to bring Starlink to T-Mobile phonesSpaceX’s satellite Internet-based efforts have another big new customer: Royal Caribbean. The cruise line announced this week that it is adding Starlink connectivity to its entire fleet. It will initially only work near shores, but they expect it to work in the middle of the ocean in the next few years.

Image credits: Royal Caribbean

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What’s happening this week in TC podcast land? Darrell and Jordan sat down with the founder of Abridge Found hear about the company’s efforts to help patients better understand their often jargon-filled doctor’s appointments; A chain reaction The staff spent some time in the Labyrinth that is Ethereum’s major Merge network upgrade, and Matt Burns learned about how to file a Series A (and how the process differs from raising a Series A round). TechCrunch Live.


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