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As with most skilled professionals today, there is a gap between supply and demand for IT professionals. As more and more people turn to Apple devices in the workplace, be it computers, phones or tablets, there is a growing need for people who can service and manage those devices.

While we may be in an economic downturn right now, it does not really change the math when it comes to the IT skills gap we are seeing, which is expected to last until the end of the decade.

To address this issue, Apple has announced that it has updated its certification և training for IT professionals և management who work with Apple products. This includes two special courses that are added online: Apple Device Support և Apple Deployment and Management.

“The course has been completely transformed, moved to an online, self-leveling scale. “Users can later demonstrate their competence with two new tests – get a certificate from Apple,” the company said.

Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of marketing and business education, says the company is simply addressing market demand with these innovative offerings while allowing people to train in a high-paying job. “Apple Professional Training helps anyone interested in technology, whether they are changing careers or upgrading their skills, with high-paying IT job certifications that stand out to potential employers.”

An example of an Apple certification course that looks at the installation of an iPhone or iPad.

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He says moving applications online opens them up to a wider range of people to enjoy. “We strongly believe in the inclusion of technology, so the new courses are self-contained, freely available, and we work to ensure that the ability to pay does not interfere with obtaining Apple certification,” he said in a statement.

The courses are designed to build on each other, so you start with the more basic Apple Device Support course, and when you complete it, you can move on to the Apple Deployment Management program.

The courses cost $ 149 each and are available online starting today

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