Activision Blizzard shareholders reject board seat for TechCrunch employees

Because Activision Blizzard faces a lot of sexual harassment lawsuits և: investigations, employee activists gathered to get a seat on the company board to represent the staff’s voice. Despite major victories, as Raven Software QA testers, the Activision division, winning the first union election In one of the largest gaming companies in the United States, the shareholders canceled the request of the organizers to vote for the employees on the board. Simply 5% of shareholders voted in favor to provide the council seat to the employees.

The bad news for activist employees was not limited to this. November A. Wall Street Journal report found that the top executives of Activision Blizzard had not informed the company of the alleged rape; Now, months after that period, they are over. was was re-elected to the boardwith controversial CEO Bobby Kotick.

However, the shareholders approved the proposal of the supervisor of the state of New York, Thomas DiNapoli, which will require the gaming giant to share about the compensation of employees, the total number of sexual assaults, general expected complaints, the general progress of improving the company culture.

This offer may give Activision Blizzard some responsibility. But this is also the advice of the company, which He investigated and found that he had done nothing wrong, except for “some well-founded cases of gender-based harassment.” And yet, the reports toxic behavior:, tried dissolution of the union և: employee disturbances They are widely used in Activision Blizzard.

As more and more tech workers get involved in organizing historical priorities, such as: trade union From the Apple Store this week – the Raven Software QA test drive-led movement may continue on Activision Blizzard. Microsoft, in: potential buyer Activision Blizzard has entered: employment neutrality contract Last week with American Communications Workers, which helped Raven Software employees form a union. Under the agreement, Microsoft will not actively seek to prevent employees from forming a union.

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