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More than Ukraine has been in the fire of war with Russia for three months. From the investor’s point of view, it may seem like a red flag, but not everything in the country’s technology sector is so white.

Technology companies with major markets in the United States, with European roots in Europe, continue to operate, ensuring that their teams and data are completely secure abroad or in western Ukraine. In addition, foreign embassies are returning to Ki, indicating that Ukrainian capital may soon be safe enough for companies to reopen offices.

IT companies have shown their resilience and ability to deliver in the face of the worst challenges. This is one of the many reasons why Ukraine is a successful hub for future unicorns.

Consider six reasons to invest in technology startups originating in Ukraine.

They have proven their ability to withstand the crisis

Ukraine’s IT sector has shown unprecedented resilience, resilience, and resilience to any conditions during these months of war. Preparing contingency plans in advance, many tech companies quickly moved their teams to safety in the early days of the war or even before the outbreak of hostilities.

Many companies are now deploying their teams to offices abroad in western Ukraine to ensure uninterrupted operations. They minimized the risk by maintaining discipline and access to the talent fund.

Most Ukrainian tech startups are still hiring

Nearly 90% of IT professionals have not seen any change in their workload or workload since the start of the war, according to the survey. DOU:. This proves that Ukrainian IT companies have reliable pads.

More importantly, they continue to hire talent to support both their business and their economy. It is the IT sector the third biggest attraction The inflow of foreign currency into the country’s economy, which makes the sector vital for economic stability.

As the development of the IT sector is an integral part of maintaining the country’s GDP, the government fully supports it. For example, during the war, safe havens in western Ukraine became new centers for IT companies.

Ukraine has a huge resource of talents

Ukraine is one of the most popular centers for IT development. That’s where EPAM, Luxoft and other outsourcing giants hired a significant number of software engineers, business analysts and other technicians.

The number of IT specialists has steadily increased in the last 10 years. For example, in the first half of 2021, the 50 largest IT companies in Ukraine their number has increased By 10,000 specialists. It’s home to tech startups in their respective fields – Jiji, Taimi, Reface, MacPaw և Headway – to name a few.

Startups are integral to creating a new layer of technology companies in Ukraine

Ukrainians want to return home, and some have already done so. Of the 7 million Ukrainians who have crossed the border since the beginning of the war, 2 million have returned, և more are on the way back. These people show that they are ready to make great efforts to restore the country.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the world is supporting Ukraine economically by providing the necessary resource base for economic recovery. Combine this with Ukrainians who want to do their best to live better in their own country, and you will get very promising prospects for post-war development.

Today’s startups will be the basis for a new layer of technology companies that will add significant value to the Ukrainian economy.

Ukraine is cost-effective in building technology companies

Ukraine is one of the best countries to run a technology business due to its cost-effective tax regime for IT companies և living expensesaccording to research Doing Business:.

The country also has a strong educational infrastructure for the study of technology, mathematics, finance and economics. And due to the growing demand for IT professionals, many large companies are opening their training centers and organizing internships. These trends are only gaining momentum.

The whole world supports Ukraine

For a long time, Ukraine was deficient in Europe, it did not have access to the capital, which was necessary to catch up with its more developed neighbors. As a result, a number of technology companies are growing rapidly without external capital.

This helped the founders to be disciplined in allocating funds to their clients in other countries or to expand operations. The combination of such discipline արտադ export-oriented product development is an unsuccessful mix for sustainable growth. It also offers a powerful opportunity that can be accelerated by investing.

At the same time, Ukraine’s international partners are providing the necessary resources for the country’s economic recovery, so companies will have greater potential for global growth. The EU is standing full solidarity with Ukraine not only by providing humanitarian, political and financial assistance to its people, but also by establishing the Ukrainian Solidarity Trust Fund to rebuild Ukraine after the war.

The current influx of international investment, the favorable tax regime, the solid foundation of talent, combined with the desire of Ukrainians to return home, make Ukrainian companies desirable investment targets.

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